How to use an Apple Magic Keyboard with a Mac and Windows PC at the same time

I have a MacBook Pro that I use for most things, and a desktop Windows PC I mostly use casually to play games. I like the enough that I’ve figured out a way to use it with both of my computers at once. It’s a bit of a silly hack — but it requires no […]

Use iMac as monitor: How to create a Mac to Mac, PC to Mac, or iPad to Mac setup

Want to find a way to use iMac as a monitor? While Apple’s target display mode is limited to 2009 to 2014 iMacs, fortunately, there are several other options to make use of that nice big screen on your old or new iMac as a monitor. more…

You can now run Windows on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac using streaming Windows App

While you can’t run Windows through Boot Camp on Apple Silicon Macs, there are still several ways to run Windows apps on Macs. But you can now also do the same on iPhone and iPad, using a new official Windows app. Microsoft’s new app – which is currently available in beta form – lets you […]

Best Thunderbolt monitors for Mac and what sets them apart from USB-C displays

In 2023, there’s more variety of Thunderbolt monitors than ever. While Apple currently offers two options, its displays at $1,600-$5,000+ won’t be the right fit for everyone. Luckily, there are some great choices that are more affordable from LG, BenQ, and Samsung. Below, we’ll cover the best Thunderbolt monitors for Mac as well as what […]